I am Relaxed Sports Photography. I´m the guy who was never any good at sports but ended up  capturing it´s excitement. Realizing that my talent for presenting sports and events could become a way of living I left IBM after 10 great years.

Now the combination of triathlon administration and photography let´s me play around to explore my creative side. Shooting sports and events in a way that will capture the excitement and joy and pass it on to a new audience is my ultimate goal.

In my experience good images can make or break an otherwise great event. The press, internet and social media is a wilderness where good text and images can make you stand out and be found.


I aim to be invisible. I want to let people focus on what they´re doing, so that I can focus on them. The only "thumbs up" I enjoy seeing is on Facebook.

Is it all about sports?

No! I love to shoot concerts, and faces, oh, and happenings, and weddings. You will from time to time find me far into Norwegian mountains. 


After having worked both corporate and private events for a number of years I find it increasingly useful to frequently document sports and concerts. Letting people focus on what they´re doing once again applies. 


Everything is possible, there is no finish line nor borders. To secure best possible results and odds for calendar openings, booking should be done well ahead of time.

If you think that Relaxed Sports Photography can help you in any way with your event. Don´t hesitate to send me a mail

Dag Oliver

a relaxed sports photographer

Photo: Jonas Jonassen

Photo: Jonas Jonassen

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